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CrossFit Q.F.E. coaches compete at next level

Three CrossFit Quest for Excellence (Q.F.E.) coaches, Alex Johnston, Kenny Meroney and Daniel Perdue, practice what they preach and because of their hard work, have recently qualified for the CrossFit competition, Granite Games, where they will compete against athletes from across the nation.
The three-man team placed in the top 45 of their divisional online qualifier in June to secure their invitation to the Granite Games, which is a three-day competition in Minnesota in early September.  The competition will feature a variety of elements including weight lifting, open water swimming, gymnastics and general CrossFit events and will give these local CrossFit coaches an opportunity to test their skills and fitness abilities at the next level. 
“It’s fun to compete,” Johnston said. “It’s a unique opportunity, and we are looking forward to it.”

In referencing CrossFit competitions, Perdue stated that it’s a true test of fitness and that’s part of the reason he signed the team up for the event this year, which is the first time they have qualified for the Granite Games.

The last two years Perdue, Johnston and Merony have competed in the qualifying round just as way to compete and push each other.

“The hard part is done.” Perdue said “We just need to get there and have fun.”
Participating in competitions is also an outlet for the coaches to showcase their abilities to the members they train every day at CrossFit Q.F.E.

In addition to the coaches, many CrossFit Q.F.E. members participate in various competitions in the area.  The coaches say they don’t necessarily train members to compete but they do want the members to push themselves and have fun competing at various events.

Johnston added that competing is a way for individuals to see all their hard work pay off as well as an opportunity to see themselves get better, more fit and to have fun.

Meroney said that CrossFit Q.F.E. is like a family and they are all striving for a better quality of life and to become healthier people.

According to the CrossFit Q.F.E. website, CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program built on functional, real life, multi-jointed movements.

When asked why people should join the CrossFit Q.F.E. family, Perdue replied “Why not? We all have to start somewhere.”

If you are interested in joining the CrossFit Q.F.E. community, call (910) 735-8040 or visit for more information.

Kelli Borbet Skipper is the public relations specialist for Southeastern Health. She may be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

CrossFit Q.F.E. coaches, from left, Daniel Perdue, Alex Johnston and Kenny Meroney, take a break from preparing to compete at the upcoming Granite Games.


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