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Lifelong care

When Minnie Lucille “Lucy” Cline was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999, she was already comfortable with the caregivers who conducted her imaging tests at Southeastern Radiology Associates, then known as Lumberton Radiology Associates, or LRA.

Cline, 76, a lifelong resident of Lumberton, had routinely received imaging testing at the center to include annual screening mammograms starting at around age 40 as well as X-rays for her knee, back and chest over the years.

“It feels good to know that people care and it makes you feel comfortable,” said Cline. “I am glad that there is someone that I recognize and remember their face, even though I may not know their name.”

Cline says she feels the warmth when she walks in the door.

“Everyone there has been so nice. They look at me and say ‘you’re back!’ and have even offered to give me my own chair,” added Cline.

Just last month, Cline’s physician at Gibson Cancer Center sent her back to Southeastern Radiology Associates to have a sonogram on a spot they detected during her annual check-up. She once again found comfort in being familiar with those who were performing her test. She was relieved to receive word on August 14 from General Surgeon Dr. Samuel Britt of Southeastern Surgical Center that she did not have cancer again and that everything was clear.

The providers affiliated with Southeastern Radiology Associates feel passionate about their patients and the community in which they serve and where most have lived for many years.

"I've personally read over 43,000 mammograms and 4,000 breast ultrasounds since coming to Lumberton over 20 years ago, helping to find 467 breast cancers,” said Southeastern Radiology Associates Radiologist Dr. Jim Parker. “But patients are more than just numbers, and I am only one part of a team. I am proud of the work we do, and humbled by the trust that the women of Robeson County have placed in our facility and our people for so long."

Commitment to quality

Tammy von Taborsky joined Southeastern Radiology Associates in 1990 as a staff technologist. Since that time, she has worked with the center’s former mobile mammography program and, while advancing in her career, became one of North Carolina’s first certified mammographers.

“Even after my 32 plus years of mammography, I love my patients and will strive to do my absolute best to continue to save lives,” said von Taborsky.

Her commitment to quality has helped the center achieve and maintain status as the only Breast Center of Excellence in the region. In addition to mammograms, von Taborsky also performs stereotactic breast biopsies, wire localizations, ductograms, bone density studies and general radiography.

“Tammy’s passion is not just to find breast cancer but to save lives by finding it early enough to save our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters and aunts,” said Mike Moldovan, Manager of Southeastern Radiology Associates.

Southeastern Radiology Associates originally opened as LRA in 1974. The center became an affiliate of Southeastern Health in 2013. The main center and Wellness Imaging Center are accredited by the American College of Radiology for mammography services.  They also serve as the only center in the region recognized by the American College of Radiology as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence.

For more information about Southeastern Radiology Associates, call (910) 738-8222.

Lucy Cline, left, visited recently with Southeastern Radiology Associates’ Tammy von Taborsky.

Southeastern Radiology Associates Radiologist Dr. Jim Parker


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