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SRMC employees honored for service

One hundred and seventeen employees and 22 retirees were honored Tuesday, Jan. 17 at Southeastern Regional Medical Center’s annual service awards banquet.

Southeastern’s administrators and Human Resources Director Joseph Glezen presented service pins during the after-dinner ceremony held in the hospital’s dining room. Those in attendance made dinner selections from a variety of delicious entrees prepared by the Medical Center’s Food and Nutrition Services staff.  The guest speaker was UNC Pembroke Head Football Coach Pete Shinnock.

Employees celebrating a five-year anniversary milestone of 15 or more years were honored at the ceremony by receiving service pins.  Former employees who retired during 2011 were also recognized.  More than 2,200 employees work on Southeastern’s main campus and affiliated agencies.

(SRMC department follows each employee’s name; employees are residents of Lumberton except where noted.)

William Carter (Emergency Services) of Red Springs was honored for 50 years of service.

Mary Buie (Physician Services) of Fairmont and Martha West (Rehab Services) were recognized for 40 years of service.

Joseph Glezen III (Human Resources), Treva Lewis (Nursery) of Orrum, Freda Pitman (Educational Services) and David Washington (Materials Management) received service pins for 35 years of service.

Receiving 30-year pins were: Elizabeth P. Ammons (Laboratory) of Fairmont, Martha J. Ammons (Pharmacy Care Clinic) of Evergreen, Sylvia T. Baldwin (Administration), Norma F. Bullock (Fiscal Services), Wilbur R. Caldwell Jr. (Administration), Pauline B. Davis (Float Pool) of Bladenboro, Gwendolyn D. Gifford (Infection Control), Rebecca Heflin (3rd East) of Bladenboro, Janet J. Hester (Gibson Cancer Center) of Elizabethtown, Vanessa K. Hunt (WoodHaven) of Pembroke, Cathy K. Jackson (Cardiopulmonary Services) of St. Pauls, James K. Jacobs (Materials Management) of Rowland, Zenovera Leak (Materials Management) of Red Springs, Mary J. McDaniel (3rd East) of Rowland, Jean H. McDonald (Communications) of Whiteville, Ann W. McLean (Marketing), Gladys T. Paul (Diabetes Community Center), Alice G. Richardson (7th Tower), Carol Sacry (Information Technology), and Bernice S. Wilson (Patient Access) of Bladenboro.

Eighteen employees were recognized for 25 years of service: Faye P. Allen (Employee Health) of Bladenboro, Elizabeth J. Andrews (IMU) of Bladenboro, Anglia Carter (Environmental Services), Jane Gibson (IP/OP Recovery), Patricia E.  Gilmore (Health Information Management) of Parkton, Linda Gail Hunt (Southeastern Hospice House) of Pembroke, Amanda G. Jackson (Care Management) of Bladenboro, Tammy E. Jackson (WoodHaven), Karen A. Kay (Facility Services), Elizabeth A. Kirschling (Risk Management), Jeanette Locklear (Environmental Services), June Page (Information Technology), Beatrice M. Pipkin (WoodHaven) of Pembroke, Kelvin K. Sampson (Southeastern Medical Clinic Fairmont), Gladys A. Scott (Food Services), Lora C. Stone (Laboratory), Gloria A. Wiggins (Pharmacy), and Kimberly A. Wright (Patient Access) of Pembroke.

Forty-two employees received 20-year pins: Gayle G. Bergstresser (Guest Services), Cynthia S. Branch (Information Technology), James A. Brown (C.A.P.) of Pembroke, Kelly C. Bryant (Surgical Services) of Bladenboro, Antonia L. Clark (Educational Services) of Maxton, Audrey L. Cox (Inpatient Services), Denise S. Davis (Quality Management), Connie B. Edwards (Emergency Department) of Bladenboro, Wanda N. Faircloth (Dr. Arthur J. Robinson Medical Clinic), Lisa S. Floyd (4th Tower) of Red Springs, Sheila C. French (IP/OP Recovery), Caroline S. Glus (Process Excellence) of Fayetteville, Maryland P. Green (Food Services) of Fairmont, Anthony F. Guess (3rd East), Miranda H. Hammonds (Quality Management), Mamie K. Hughes (Emergency Department) of Hope Mills, Sherry S. Inman (ICU) of Evergreen, Charles E. Jackson (Laboratory), Denise E. Jacobs (Johnson Medical Clinic) of Pembroke, Yvonneda S. Jacobs (Southeastern Urgent Care Pembroke) of Rowland, Bobbie G. Jones (Cardiopulmonary Services) of Pembroke, Doris M. Locklear (Diabetes Community Center), Peggy L. Locklear (Patient Financial Services) of Shannon, Janel B. Long (Laboratory) of Raeford, Michael A. Martin (Emergency Department) of Chadbourn, Robert B. McLendon (Float Pool) of Greenville, Vickie C. Mincey (3rd Tower), Karen S. Moore (Southeastern Heart Center) of Pembroke, Novella Murphy (Food Services) of Red Springs, Paul D. Pitman (IP/OP Recovery), Victoria S. Prevatte (Pre-Admission Testing), Sandra F. Purcell (Employee Wellness) of Red Springs, Angela D. Reeves (Patient Financial Services), Rosie L. Revels (Environmental Services) of Pembroke, Jenny L. Robinson (Nursery) of Whiteville, Pamela Strickland (Southeastern Medical Clinic Fairmont) of Fairmont, Dora Sutton (Laboratory) of Fayetteville, Angela P. Taylor (Southeastern Home Medical Equipment), Camille L. Villagomez (Physician Services) of Bladenboro, Elizabeth F. Wicker (Pharmacy) of Hope Mills, Danita G. Wilkes (Operating Rooms) of Maxton and Nellie M. Windom (Print Shop) of St. Pauls.

Honored for 15 years of service were:  Susan H. Barnes (Patient Financial Services) of Orrum, Linda L. Bennett (IP/OP Recovery),  Jackie B. Brewington (Health Information Management), Jacqueline M. Bullock (Health Information Management) of St. Pauls, Lisa J. Bullock (Woodhaven) of Fairmont, Linda L. Chavis (Obstetrics) of Fairmont, Patrick W. Chavis (Cardiopulmonary Services) of Fairmont, Doris R. Davis (Endoscopy) of Bladenboro, Karin L. Davis  (Laboratory),           Elena L. Diffin (ICU) of Stedman, Lillian Franklin (Labor & Delivery) of St Pauls, Janet A. Gutekunst (Health Information Management), Blitina S. Horne (Southeastern Sleep Center) of Parkton, Carol B. Ivey (Pediatrics), Jannie L. Jones (Medical Imaging), Ernest K. Kinlaw (Facility Services), E. Baker Lamb (Facility Services), Ma-Gena G. Lazo (Emergency Department), Felicia Locklear (Environmental Services) of Red Springs, Gloria J. Locklear (WoodHaven), Anjanette McDonald (Southeastern Lifestyle Center of Red Springs) of Red Springs, Rosalind R. McGowan (WoodHaven), C. Lorraine L. McLellan (Nursery) of Orrum, Melinda Mitchell (Southeastern Home Care Services) of Rowland, Beverly Oxendine (Environmental Services) of Pembroke, James R. Pope Jr. (Anesthesia), Robin C. Richardson (3rd Tower) of Rowland, Angela G. Scott (Facility Services) of Lake View, Elizabeth P. Stokes (Medical Imaging) and Mary L. White (C.A.P.) of Elizabethtown.

Twenty-two employees who retired in 2011 received plaques. They are: William E. Allen (Anesthesia), 14 years; Barbara J. Autry (Southeastern Hospice House) of Elizabethtown, 4 years; Flora S. Branch (Obstetrics) of Evergreen, 12 years; Patsy A. Bullard (7th Tower) of Rowland, 21 years; Lelia D. Caulder (6th Tower) of Fairmont, 19 years; Onita S. Cox (Southeastern Heart Center), 28 years; Sarah M. Crump (Nursery), 18 years; Gail M. Dove (Lumberton Medical Clinic) of Elizabethtown, 35 years; Lillian Franklin (Labor & Delivery) of St. Pauls, 15 years; Paul W. Herman (Laboratory) of Fayetteville, 17 years; Gladys P. Johnson (3rd East) of Fairmont, 17 years; Bertha L. Jones (Southeastern Hospice) of Red Springs, 18 years; Hazel L. Jones (Food Services) of Bladenboro, 21 years; Evelyn A. Kivette (Medical Imaging), 16 years; Brenda D. Lavoie (Patient Access), 21 years; Mae H. Merchant (Southeastern Occupational Health WORKS) of Fairmont, 23 years; Jimmy R. Page (Environmental Services) of Fairmont, 22 years; Janie R. Rozier (Medical Imaging), 44 years; Preston Sinclair (Materials Management) of St. Pauls, 8 years; Doris A. Taylor  (WoodHaven) of Bladenboro, 20 years; Vivian M. West (Endoscopy) of Bladenboro, 12 years; and Gloris M. Young (Nursery), 23 years.

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