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Ways of educating children about death

Involve children in the experience when acquaintances or friends of the family meet death as well as when close relatives and immediate family members die.

Beware of the possible guilt feelings a child may have over a loved one and deal with this guilt as quickly as possible.

Be aware of the child’s fear of being deserted when a loved one dies. Give reassurance that he/she will not be deserted.

Welcome the child’s discussion of death and be sensitive to his/her feelings.

Do not be afraid to show emotion before children.

Listen to your child’s silence. A child’s silence does not mean there are no feelings or questions.

Realize that children find it easier to “mourn at a distance.” For example, a child may show great empathy for characters in a book, but little apparent grief for the deceased.

Be aware that a child may assume mannerisms or symptoms of the deceased

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