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2012 Camp Care Activities


On Friday afternoon, campers and their luggage are provided name tags and assigned to groups by age. Camp Care staff drive SRMC vans to Camp Monroe.



Cabin Assignment

Camp Care is blessed with a ratio of almost one-to-one campers to specially-trained counselors who accompanying them in group sessions, playtime and also stay in their cabins. Campers enjoyed a meal of fried chicken provided by Camp Monroe followed by some fun activities outside that promote team building and lessons about overcoming the odds towards success.



Introduction and Mixture

The hula hoop relay demonstrated to all how much working together as a team and encouraging each other can improve a dismal situation. The enormous parachute provided additional lessons on collaboration and cooperation.



Jack's Time

SRMC’s Employee Assistant Program’s Jack Crain led the group of campers and volunteers in some additional get acquainted activities as well as a very entertaining game of musical chairs.



Telling Our Story

Hospice chaplain Bonnie Reedy conducted interview with college student Evander Britt sharing his grief story. Campers then were encouraged to share their personal stories through a clay formation activity.



Shirpa Walk- blind folded trust

Saturday morning campers were treated to a home-cooked breakfast provided by a group from First Baptist Church of Fairmont. This was followed by a Game called Shirpa Walk- blind folded trust. In groups of three, the one in the middle is blind-folded while the others work together to guide them through different terrains and obstacles promoting trust within the group.



Activity Time

Half of the campers went to the Craft Hut while the other half headed to the lake. Each camper was given a hand-made butterfly house to be painted & creatively decorated. Supervised by a certified life guard, campers were enthusiastic about their canoeing experience – many for the first time.


Cook Out- Free Play

A delicious fare of all-American foods was provided by hospice staff & volunteers followed by games of basketball, volleyball & even line dancing.



Shane Brown - Finding our support

Hospice social worker Shane Brown guided campers through activity to identify people in their lives who provide support and strength as well as recognize constructive and destructive coping mechanisms.




Spaghetti supper was provided by Asbury United Methodist Church of Lumberton.



Memorial and Ritual

Each camper decorated and personalized a cardboard memory box to store “treasures” of their loved one and Camp Care. At the memorial service, campers and volunteers lit a candle in memory of their loved one as they were encouraged to reflect upon their own growth and change as a result of their grief experience.



Cool Down Activity

Volunteer Melissa Memoli hosted “Camp Care Jeopardy” in which campers participated as groups.



Sunday Breakfast

Ken Wood provided the breakfast (Hardess Food Corporation)



Banner Signing

Campers signed the 2012 Camp Care banner to be displayed with previous years’ banners in subsequent years. In a short de-briefing session, campers shared what they had gained and learned from Camp Care and how they can utilize these new insights to live life to its fullest.



Butterfly Release

Sunday’s Butterfly service is the highlight of the weekend. As the traditional symbol of new life, each camper was given a live butterfly to release watching it fly from finger to tree and beyond— gaining power as they exercised their wings. This allowed for consolation in the “letting go” of what used to be and new-found strength in the “taking hold” of new opportunities, new experiences, new maturity.


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