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Last fiscal year, almost 16,000 patients were discharged from Southeastern Regional Medical Center. We understand that once the nurse or doctor mentions going home, you are eager to leave the hospital as soon as possible. But before you pass through the hospital's doors, there's one more thing to do. It can help ensure you don't have to return anytime soon.

Review the discharge plan that has been made for you. And get answers to questions you may have.

Why a discharge plan?

It may seem odd to plan for when you get out of the hospital. But research shows that a good discharge plan plays a key role in your getting and staying well. Good planning can help you:

  • Recover better.
  • Understand your health condition.
  • Lower the risk of making mistakes with your medicine.

Answers to your questions

  • Ask the discharge planner or your nurse any questions you have, such as these:
  •  What medicines will I need to take? When will I need to take them? Make sure this includes all of the medicines you take.
  • Is it OK to bathe? Cook? Drive? What will I need help with?
  • Will I need to eat a special diet?
  • Do I need to see my doctor or have any tests? Be sure any appointments are written down.
  • What symptoms do I need to watch for? Who do I call if they occur?

Try to have your caregiver with you when you ask your questions. This may be a friend or family member.

Let the discharge planner know if you have questions about insurance. Also speak up if you think you need help at home. The discharge planner can ask a social worker to meet with you to talk about your needs and local resources. And one more thing: Write down a phone number you can call at any time with any questions.

Sources: Family Caregiver Alliance; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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