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When you have the choice, where would you prefer to heal after surgery: at home or in a hospital? Chances are, many of us would choose the comfort of our home.

Southeastern Health fully understands this. And it’s a key reason why we opened Southeastern Health Park this past fall. This $22 million medical facility is home to a 13,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art ambulatory—or outpatient—surgery center; specialty orthopedic, spine and pain management clinics; comprehensive rehabilitation services; and a pharmacy.

“Southeastern Health Park offers true convenience,” says Jeffrey Campbell, MD, an ear, nose and throat doctor and a participating physician at the surgery center. “There is just one place to go for pre-op testing, surgery and the services you may need to recover. You can fill your prescriptions. And the doctor who performs your surgery may have an office upstairs.”


Built with your needs in mind

Southeastern Health Park is located at 4901 Dawn Drive in Lumberton, between exits 20 and 22 on Interstate 95. The Health Park sits on a 26-acre campus and is circled by a walking trail, which all area residents—not just patients—are welcome to enjoy.

But why such a large campus?

“With a large tract of land, we can expand our outpatient services even more over the next 15 to 25 years,” says David Sumner, MPH, vice president of Human Services and Planning for SeHealth. “Today and tomorrow, we want to provide truly excellent medical care for our community in the most effective way.”

The Surgery Center at Southeastern Health Park is a joint venture between local physicians and SeHealth. ‘As a financial and collaborative partnership, it helps us to work together—effectively—for the good of patients,” explains Dr. Campbell.

“Both the surgery center itself and the Health Park overall are all about being as innovative and progressive as possible in our goal to improve the health—and quality of life—of the people we serve,” says Sumner.

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More affordable care for you

Outpatient surgery isn’t new at SeHealth. “The hospital is a leader in performing it successfully and safely,” says Dr. Campbell. With this type of surgery, patients are usually allowed to go home on the same day as the procedure.

But—for the first time—Southeastern Health Park will give area residents a nearby chance to have outpatient surgery away from a hospital.

“This new option just makes sense,” says Dr. Campbell, who is president of the surgery center’s board. And the surgery center, in particular, makes strong economic sense too, he says.

“That’s largely because outpatient surgery centers don’t have the added costs that hospitals face,” says Sumner. “As a result, they provide more affordable care.”

And, importantly, the savings are passed on to patients. People who have outpatient surgeries away from hospitals often save hundreds of dollars because their health insurance co-pays are reduced, says Dr. Campbell.

Additional advantages

The surgery center’s benefits go beyond providing more affordable care. Emergencies in a hospital can sometimes affect scheduled surgeries. In contrast, surgeries at the new surgery center will be more likely to occur on schedule. This means patients and their families can typically count on surgeries to start on time.

They can also expect:

  • Safety.It’s rare for same-day surgery to require a hospital stay,” says Dr. Campbell. But if a complication does occur, a system is in place so that patients can be immediately transported to Southeastern Regional Medical Center.
  • Easy access. There’s plenty of free parking near the Health Park’s entrance. And the Health Park itself is easy to navigate.

A closer look

Built to meet the community’s demand for outpatient surgery, the new center has four operating rooms. These are where doctors can perform surgeries—such as tonsillectomies, knee arthroscopy and sinus surgeries—that once required a hospital stay. These outpatient surgeries are now possible because of medical advances, such as minimally invasive procedures, that allow faster recoveries.

The surgery center also features:

Two endoscopy suites. Doctors use an endoscope—a tube with a tiny camera at its end—to see inside the body. Endoscopes can be used to evaluate and treat a variety of health problems.

A procedure room. Doctors perform procedures here that require only local anesthesia—or none at all. For example, they might give epidural injections to ease back pain.

All told, doctors will be able to perform about 6,000 surgeries each year at the center. They can also do about 2,500 endoscopies.

“Almost any outpatient surgery or procedure can be done here,” says Dr. Campbell.

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