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SRMC’s history dates back to two predecessor organizations. In 1906, Dr. Neil Archie Thompson opened Robeson County’s first hospital, Thompson Hospital. Then in 1921, Dr. Horace M. Baker opened Baker Sanatorium. In 1946, the Thompson Hospital, merged with the Baker Sanatorium to form Baker-Thompson Memorial Hospital.

In 1953, a new 140-bed hospital was constructed to replace the aging Baker-Thompson Memorial Hospital’s facility. The new hospital was called Robeson County Memorial Hospital, to express the facility’s position as the only hospital in the county. In 1954, a nursing residence was completed on the main campus. Although the nursing school closed in 1966, today a large portion of that original building is used for classrooms and labs for BSN students attending the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

In 1956, the hospital underwent its first major expansion adding 50 beds, a laundry, and two operating suites.

In 1960, as the hospital continued to grow, its name was changed to Southeastern General Hospital (SGH) in order to more accurately reflect the regional nature of the facility’s services. In 1961, another major expansion added 75 beds and air conditioning throughout the building. In 1969, 80 long-term-care beds and a 23-bed psychiatric unit were opened in a 3-story building on the main campus.

Outpatient surgery was offered in 1975, and in 1976 a neonatal intensive care nursery was opened.

In 1980, SGH began providing clinical training for Robeson Community College’s associate degree nursing students. Home Health services were offered beginning in 1984. In 1986, the 80 long-term-care beds were moved to a new facility off campus and, in 1987, an additional 35 long-term-care beds were added which included a 15-bed dedicated Alzheimer’s care unit.

In 1991, diagnostic cardiac catheterization services were first offered. In 1992, SGH opened its first primary care clinic which is located in Fairmont, NC.

SGH celebrated its 40th anniversary on August 16, 1993, and announced a name change effective January 1st, 1994, to its current name--Southeastern Regional Medical Center (SRMC).

In 2003, a six story 134-bed Patient Bed Tower was opened replacing many of the out-dated patient rooms in the original building. In 2006, a seventh floor with 34 additional beds was opened, Southeastern Heart Center was dedicated, and SRMC performed its first open heart CABG procedure. Southeastern Hospice House, a 12-bed inpatient hospice facility, was opened in 2007 a few miles from the main campus.

Southeastern Health is still the only hospital in Robeson County and serves patients throughout southeastern North Carolina. The hospital is currently licensed for 452 beds, including acute care, psychiatric, inpatient hospice, and long-term-care beds. The hospital employs more than 2,100 people, has 117 active medical staff, and has a total of 395 credential providers (including physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and CRNAs).


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