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Collaborative Model of Care

Today's health care for a patient is truly blended, involving a variety of disciplines and educational backgrounds. To be successful, a collaborative approach must be instilled. Our organization recognizes this and embraces a collaborative model of care as the foundation for the delivery of patient care.

Collaborative Model of Care: Key Components

  • The mission is the driving force for the delivery of patient care.
  • Core values
  • Collaborative approach
  • Theoretical framework that supports professional practice
  • Pursuing excellence
  • Patient safety
  • Committed to be the best
  • Demonstrating professionalism throughout our practice
  • Compassionate care
  • Providing an environment for education, professional development, and career enhancement
  • Standards that guide professional practice
  • Research based practice that advances patient care

Patient Care Services Professional Model of Care

The Collaborative Model of Care supports and promotes the professional role of the nurse. Patient Care Services also recognizes the importance of a theoretical framework in guiding professional practice. We believe the Novice to Expert Theory developed by nurse theorist Patricia Benner best supports our professional nursing practice. The theory describes five levels of skill acquisition and development that are fluid, allowing the practitioner to oscillate depending on circumstances. The theory also enhances collaborative relationships through socialization, which involves learning from others’ expertise. Benner’s theory was tailored to be specific for nursing but could be utilized by other healthcare professions.

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