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PrivilegesPlus Frequently Asked Questions

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What is PrivilegesPlus?

PrivilegesPlus is a health and wellness program for adults age 50 and older. Southeastern Health first established the program in 1997. Southeastern has taken the initiative to improve the established program in order to better serve the people in the area, expand its membership and support a healthy lifestyle for adults age 50 and older.

Why should I join?

PrivilegesPlus is a valuable tool for adults to learn new information and skills; benefit from discounts and unique program opportunities; participate in a wide range of special events; and partner with Southeastern Health for their health care needs.

What are the benefits of PrivilegesPlus?

PrivilegesPlus members get exclusive access to classes and seminars on a variety of topics; special events, programs and activities; and discounts on products and services. All members will receive a membership card that should be presented to enter all program activities and to receive all discounts.

How do I join?

In order to receive all the benefits and information associated with the program, all individuals age 50 and older are required to submit a membership application. Membership applications are available online at If you are interested in receiving an application in the mail, contact Kelli Borbet Skipper, Affinity Program Specialist at (910) 671-5018. Individuals must have celebrated their 50th birthday in order to submit a membership application. After membership applications are submitted and processed, all members will receive a membership card and new member packet.

What is the cost to join PrivilegesPlus?

New PrivilegesPlus members will pay a $10 annual membership fee which provides access to the numerous benefits offered.

Are there any special membership options?

PrivilegesPlus is giving individuals the opportunity to give a membership as a gift to a friend or family members who are age 50 and older. Any individual can purchase a one-year free membership gift certificate for $10. In order to receive the exclusive access to the special events, programs and discounts, all individuals who are gifted a membership are still required to complete and submit a membership application.

Where can I find more information about PrivilegesPlus?

PrivilegesPlus is now on the web! For the latest activities, benefits and information, visit You can also request membership applications or the latest newsletter as well as other information regarding the program by contacting Kelli Borbet Skipper, Affinity Program Specialist at Southeastern Health, at (910) 671-5018 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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