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Brenda Davis- "I noticed improvements pretty quickly"

In 2010 I was faced with cancer in both breasts. I did extremely well with chemo and radiation. Lymph nodes were removed under each arm. In August of last year, I noticed swelling in my left arm and hand. It was diagnosed as Lymphedema. I started treatment in late August with the help of my therapist, Lisa Donovan. That November I started a compression sleeve and gauntlet for my left hand. I noticed improvements pretty quickly.


The swelling returned in January 2012. I have started treatment once again and have now received a 10- chamber pump to help reduce the swelling. I can see the difference on a daily basis. The best part of my treatment is my therapist Lisa. She is professional, passionate, and cares about my progress. I’ve lived in a lot of places and feel I couldn’t have found a better place to receive help. Everyone I have come in contact with (Cancer Center, ED, Surgical team, and therapists) have a WONDERFUL ATTITUDE!!

CONDITION: Lymphedema


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